Nursing Administration

Objective of the department

The students will develop basic skills and able to function effectively as a nursing administrator in the hospital and community.


Today a, all nurses are managers, whether you work on a medical floor in an acute care hospital , in a critical care unit , an ambulatory care clinic in home care, you must deal with staff, including other health care personnel who work with you and for you, and you must use resources wisely.

Nursing Research

The departmental of nursing research objectives are to,

Community Health Nursing

Activities of the Department

Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing


The faculty, department of mental health (psychiatric) nursing believe that after completion of the prescribed course the students will be able to


Obstetric And Gynaecological Nursing

The OBG departmental objectives are to,

The departmental faculties are well qualified, experienced and taking regular classes and carrying clinical supervision for the students of diploma in nursing, Post certificate nursing, basic nursing, and nursing students. The staff of department of OBG nursing are committed themselves to maintain, give standard education for the students. The staffs are also actively participating various educational programmes in the hospital and community on various topics related with maternal and child health Nursing. The OBG department observing Breast feeding week, world population day every year along with community health and child health nursing department.

Child Health (Pediatric) Nursing

Medical Surgical Nursing

The following are the programs that were conducted:

Ongoing projects are:

Proposed projects are:

Fundamentals of Nursing